“Mobilized” Car Shopping With Gumiyo & HomeNet

HomeNet is a company that currently provides a full marketing suite to over 12,000 auto dealers across the US, so it was only fitting for them to add a mobile feature to their extensive inventory marketing platform. Gumiyo’s single-click mobile marketing solution was their answer.

Gumiyo offers a mobile marketing platform that utilizes SMS campaigns to allow consumers to interact directly with inventories across several vertical markets. They offer niche solutions for real estate companies and professionals as well as automotive dealerships. By incorporating an SMS call-to-action placed on real estate yard signs, individual vehicles on dealer lots, as well as traditional marketing efforts, consumers can instantly interact with what they’re interested in, whether it be a home for sale, a specific vehicle they’re after, or anything else. Gumiyo’s website says it best…

“…Make every facet of your marketing strategy virtually “clickable” and measurable—even your print, outdoor, and television advertising! You’ll generate more business by giving your audience an immediate way to interact with your inventory at the very moment they encounter your advertising…”

HomeNet’s “IOL” Vehicle Marketing Suite allows dealers a one-stop resource to manage anything and everything related to their inventory and the marketing of that inventory. From enhanced online videos and 360-degree virtual tours of each vehicle to automatic eBay listing and Craigslist tools, dealers can do just about anything they want to market their inventory more effectively.

By introducing Gumiyo’s SMS capabilities, dealers using HomeNet’s marketing suite can now introduce a mobile aspect to each of the vehicles on their lot. The new feature is dubbed “IOL goText” and works by automatically formating, optimizing, and syncing a dealer’s on lot inventory for the “mobile web.” Once optimized, the new solution provides tools to connect car buyers with the dealership using simple
SMS text messages.

Consumers send a “Go Code” that’s unique to each dealer as an SMS to Gumiyo’s short code. They’re then returned information on the dealer itself, as well as a link to a media-rich version of the dealer showroom. Go Codes can also be created with the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the dealer’s stock numbers to take a mobile consumer directly to the specific vehicle they’re interested in.