“Mobilize” Your Classifieds With CellySpace

logo_cellyspace_main.gifClassified advertising has been around forever, because it works. There’s no better way to advertise a one-time product or service, a vehicle, or real estate than with a simple classified advertisement. With the introduction of free online classified sites like Craigslist, it’s become even more effective and cost efficient.

With the rise in mobile connectivity and the interactive nature of the medium, it’s now possible to further the reach of your classified and introduce some new features and selling tools. By incorporating MMS into your print and/or online classifieds, you can give your prospects a way to find out more about whatever your selling, and have a better chance of them remembering you because your contact information is now saved on their mobile device.

CellySpace, a mobile messaging company, has launched a new multimedia messaging platform aimed at enhancing classifieds by letting user’s build MMS campaigns with an easy to use interface and then allowing them to place links, widgets, or text-to keywords in existing print or online classifieds. This “send to phone” feature enables advertisers to deliver more engaging content than simple text messages since MMS can include images, audio, video and extensive text. When visitors use your call-to-action placed in your classified ad, they’re instantly sent an MMS containing any content you choose, whether it be a video clip, slide-show, etc.

The easy to use “MMS Composer” allows you to add audio, video, and photos effortlessly, and then manipulate them or re-order them to produce a slide-show, video walk-around, or short presentation before adding any text and making your campaign active.

There’s no cost to develop, and store your your content with CellySpace. The only cost is when someone uses your call-to-action and an MMS is sent. In the US, the cost is $.20 per message, slightly more in other countries. Rich Eicher, President of Skycore LLC, developers of Cellyspace stated their service is;

“The best advertising ROI is for those who understand that the mobile experience is immediate and personal. Using this experience to have your contact information on 100 U.S. prospect’s phones for a $20.00 investment seems quite cost effective.”