mobileStorm Publishes In-Depth Mid-Year Mobile Marketing Report

It’s not often a comprehensive industry report comes along that takes the simple approach of explaining where the industry has been, where it’s going and what the primary technologies and concepts are.  Today, mobileStorm has published just that, with the release of its “2010 Mid-Year Mobile Marketing Report.”

Utilizing 11 years of mobile marketing experience, combined with an extensive amount of data recently uncovered in a study the company commissioned, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the mobile ecosystem and its many attributes.  For each technology, mobileStorm also provides it’s take on the usefulness and future growth, with topics including SMS, mobile applications, mobile location,  the mobile Web, mobile commerce, social media, proximity marketing, mobile barcodes, augmented reality, near field communication (NFC) and much more.

“We made a major investment by contracting with a top research firm to do quick dives into emerging segments of the mobile ecosystem, and we are more than happy to share this data with the world” said Jared Reitzin, CEO and Founder of mobileStorm.  “Like our Twitter profile says ‘We are here to serve the industry and our customers’.  This report is a testament to that.”

It’s an interesting read, covering all basis from the inception of the mobile marketing industry in general to the many technologies in play and even industry groups, regulatory organizations and problems facing the industry.  It’s great for those still trying to wrap their head around the art of mobile marketing and the many concepts in play, and can be valuable to marketers who wish to take full advantage of the mobile channel.

The report is available at no charge by visiting