mobileStorm & Team For SMS Beta Test has chosen mobileStorm’s digital marketing platform, mobileStorm 4.0, for a mobile marketing beta test which will include a variety of mobile campaigns, including the use of mobileStorm’s new mobile Coupon Management System. will make use of the unique mobileStorm 4.0 platform, in which it can deploy several forms of mobile-based campaigns with a single SaaS-based platform. By adding support for mobile coupons advertisers now have a unique, highly targeted channel to reach their audience. will utilize this channel to generate precision-targeted coupons, as well as viral coupon campaigns to alert and incentivize customers toward new products, special discounts and VIP customer events.

In addition to the platform, mobileStorm will assist on the various technical aspects of mobile marketing, as well as mobile marketing best practices in general. Though it’s only a beta test, will soon realize the immense benefits mobile marketing can provide for its type of service.

“Using the mobileStorm 4.0 platform will open an entirely new channel of communicating with customers,” said James Munnerlyn, of Overstock’s conversion marketing team. “After a thorough analysis of vendors in the mobile marketing space, we selected mobileStorm based on their ability to quickly execute our mobile marketing vision at a reasonable cost, and with all the complimentary resources and services we need to run the programs.”

Beyond being a prime candidate for the use of mobile coupons, has an enormous and loyal customer base in which it can leverage via the mobile channel very effectively and efficiently. The company will soon realize how valuable a channel mobile really is, and how powerful mobileStorm’s digital marketing platform can be.