mobileStorm Launches Premium Text-To-Screen

Text-to-screen is an innovative approach to help engage large audiences and groups at any given venue. Â In the past, to deploy a text-to-screen campaign meant using a service or platform that provided the text-to-screen SMS functionality, but little else in the way analytics and functions to engage the audience further. Â

MobileStorm’s latest premium offering aims to provide text-to-screen functionality as part of their already comprehensive mobile marketing platform.  Because Text-To-Screen is part of the mobileStorm platform, users can further leverage these types of campaigns- after someone sends an SMS to the short code, marketers can ask if they want to receive future special messages, save the consumer’s mobile number as well as ask for more demographic information about him or her, for example.

Large events such as concerts and sporting events, as well as smaller gatherings at bars or restaurants can all benefit from text-to-screen to leverage the audience’s interest, and to build a database of mobile contacts.  An event promoter or marketer can use giant video screens that are traditionally at these places to advertise a poll or quiz, compel the crowd to participate–and then post the results on that same screen, in real time. The service is also ideal for collecting consumer data—especially useful for future successful marketing campaigns.

MobileStorm’s platform handles everything from shortcodes and keyword, to message building and customization, as well as campaign management and analysis. Â From start to finish, mobileStorm has you covered.

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