mobileStorm Launches Mobile Applications

mobileStorm, an email and mobile marketing firm, today announced the company has launched a new mobile application offering for customers using its “PRO” digital marketing platform.

mobileStorm will now develop, test and submit a brand’s mobile application — compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch — to Apple’s App Store in a “matter of days, not weeks or months,” the company said today in a press release.

The new offering allows brands the ability to automatically add content from existing feeds including RSS, Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Flikr, and more directly into their mobile app, as well as the ability to edit artwork, co-publish additional content and easily customize the look and feel of the app in real-time.

“Mobile apps are exploding in popularity right now.  Soon everyone will have a smartphone and will be interacting with their favorite brands thru mobile apps,” said Jared Reitzin, Founder & CEO of mobileStorm.  “The iPhone blew the doors wide open and now Android is poised to become even bigger.  Our job at mobileStorm is to make sure right before a technology reaches complete adoption, to support it, and help our clients understand how to best use it to drive revenue.  You will notice our offering is very basic.  We are not a development shop and did not want to get into high end customizations.  Our offering is for any PRO customer who wants to quickly get into the mobile apps space.”

The company prides itself on what they call the “human factor” meaning all PRO accounts include dedicated account managers to hold the customer’s hand throughout any campaign ran through its platform.  This “human touch,” so-to-speak, is what sets mobileStorm apart from its competitors.

Through the addition of mobile apps, mobileStorm’s PRO offering sets the standard for comprehensive digital marketing that spans email marketing, SMS marketing, mobile app development and much more.  The company is obviously doing something right, as it’s been in the digital marketing game for over a decade.