mobileStorm Launches “App Accelerator” To Help Brands Boost Adoption Of Mobile Apps

It was announced today that mobileStorm has launched a new mobile application service offering aimed at boosting adoption and overall downloads of a brand’s mobile app.

Called “App Accelerator,” the new service enables organizations that have developed a mobile application to dramatically increase their download rates, either during the initial launch of the app or after the app has already gone live.  The service works by identifying which mobile operating systems a brand’s mobile subscribers are using.  Using this data, App Accelerator then serves up a unique URL to download the app instantaneously and directly to a user’s device based on their specific OS.  mobileStorm then provides detailed reporting on the effectiveness of the service, such as number of subscribers reached, number of clicks and number of installs of each mobile OS.

With the service, a brand has the ability to identify which device each of its subscribers are using.  So, a brand can instantly know how many of its subscribers are iOS users, how many have Android devices and how many are using Windows Mobile.  With this knowledge, mobileStorm can then send a campaign to all subscribers that includes a link to each subscribers respective App stores.  Users on iOS devices receive a link to the App Store to download the brands iOS version of the brand’s app, while users on Android devices receive a link directly to the Android Market to download the same app.  The service is simple in nature, but provides powerful results for a brand that’s looking to boost adoption of their apps.

“We love creating new and innovative ways to make messaging more relevant for our clients and their subscribers,” said Jared Reitzin, Founder & CEO of mobileStorm. “App Accelerator has received very positive feedback.  With Apple’s App Store approaching 400,000 apps, clients have expressed frustration with trying to get exposure.  The largest ROI comes from communicating with people in the way they wish to be reached.  As a Communication Service Provider (CSP) it’s our job to help our clients communicate with as much relevancy as possible, which is why we provide a multi-channel communication platform and launch products like App Accelerator.”

More information and a demo of the service is available here.