mobileStorm Debuts New Digital Marketing Solutions

MobileStorm today unveiled two new marketing solutions aimed at providing marketers of any background an all-inclusive platform in which to streamline their digital and SMS marketing activities.

With two versions, mobileStorm Go is aimed at practical, fast-moving marketers who have a simple need to reach as many people as possible, while mobileStorm Pro takes a more comprehensive approach for marketers in terms of the types of campaigns available and level of support.

MobileStorm Go is designed for self-serve marketers who need a streamlined environment for the delivery of email and SMS-based campaigns.  The platform allows for campaigns to be setup and executed within seconds, taking simplicity to another level whether you’re experienced or just starting out.  In addition, each client receives personalized “human-powered” support and an extensive reporting system with export functionality.  As your campaigns grow and become more complex, the Go platform can extend functionality by offering APIs, an Event Manager and even on-demand campaign management services.

MobileStorm Pro takes things to another level by offering the same simplicity as Go, but with added services previously only available to extremely large businesses with extremely large budgets.  Additional marketing channels such as RSS, Voice, Fax and Video are supported, as well as database management, extended reporting and full integration services with APIs.

The true asset to mobileStorm Pro is the fact that every client also receives dedicated account management personnel to manage the system and its campaigns- effectively holding the marketers hand the entire way.  “We already have so many features, more than clients even realize,” said mobileStorm founder and CEO Jared Reitzin.  “What we did in creating Pro is consolidate the best features into one service that can show companies a return on their investment.  We then provide expert advice on how to use these features and get the most out of them.  All Pro accounts come with a dedicated account manager who is not only a best practices expert but a specialist on the mobileStorm platform.”

The human-powered aspect of mobileStorm’s new platform is key to wading through the sometimes muddy waters associated with mobile marketing.  With so many rules, regulations and best practices, keeping informed and up-to-date on the ever-evolving ecosystem helps maintain successful and efficient campaigns.

“Digital marketing is not so clear cut,” continues Reitzin.  “Marketers constantly struggle with making sure they are following best practices, obeying the law and getting their message delivered.  Also some of these issues cannot be solved with technology alone, you need to have real human intervention to make sure everything is running smooth.  Our goal is to find marketers who care and want to become pros.”

With so much data streaming in and out of both the Go and Pro versions, the set of integrated APIs play a huge role in extending or migrating the core functionality.  MobileStorm has always been a proponent of APIs, even acting as a “micro-aggregator” by offering a two-way SMS API for both dedicated and shared short-code use.  This, combined with extensive reporting, enables any marketer the ability to use and manipulate a vast amount of data at any given time.

Both solutions offer the same simplicity and know-how that’s been a cornerstone for mobileStorm over its 10 year history, but with the added feature-set and personal touch that companies demand when diving into the realm of digital and mobile marketing in today’s environment.