mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin to Speak at EDMbiz

It’s an observation made with surprising frequency across the recording industry today: DJs are the new rock stars of modern music.

Electronic dance music – or EDM – is enjoying unprecedented popularity in the United States, particularly among younger music lovers and concert goers. And although electronic artists aren’t seen with regularity on the mainstream charts, don’t be fooled.

According to SF Weekly’s Ian Port, top acts on the EDM scene today can earn between $75,000 to $100,000 per live show, leading to the growing phenomenon of DJs bringing home paydays comparable or superior to what today’s leading mainstream acts are earning.

Not surprisingly, the digital age has contributed immeasurably to the popularity of EDM. Today’s biggest acts and their promoters are often described as digital and mobile marketing experts. From building fan bases through iTunes and YouTube, to engaging with music fans via SMS marketing and boosting concert attendance through electronic tickets, QR codes, and other mobile-centric offers, the EDM industry has been called mobile marketing’s Petri dish due to the industry expansion that has resulted from mobile’s role in the promotion of electronic dance music.

Nowhere will this reality be more apparent than in Las Vegas next week for the kickoff to Insomniac’s EDMbiz, a “ground-breaking and culturally essential conference” for the electronic dance music industry. Fittingly, the event takes place June 18-20, during EDC Week in Vegas.

Descending on The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will be scores of top industry players, artists, and digital marketing gurus.

Event organizers say EDMbiz will facilitate relevant discussions focused on the most pertinent topics and issues specific to the scene including:  best practices, branding, direct-to-fan relationships, festivals, licensing, social media, sponsorships, technology platforms, and sustaining community, humanity and credibility during a period of massive growth.

“On the one hand EDMbiz is about creating business opportunities, learning and networking, but on the other hand it’s also about discussing the steps the industry must take to preserve the unique elements of dance music events that make them so special,” says Pasquale Rotella, CEO and founder of Insomniac. “We place a lot of focus on the fans and their voice will be heard at this year’s conference alongside artists, visionaries, and executives.”

Added to the list of confirmed speakers today was Jared Reitzin, CEO of mobileStorm, Inc., which has empowered clients spanning American Idol to Kaiser Permanente since 1999.

Focused on helping companies reach their customers via email, mobile and social channels and influence behavior to drive revenue, mobileStorm strives to reach customers where they want to be reached. In the world of EDM, for example, music fans have been more than willing to be reached by mobile. And the industry experts and participants headed for Las Vegas are poised to discuss that and more next week.

Other advertised speakers and panelists scheduled for the conference include:

  • Marc Geiger, Head of Music, William Morris Endeavor
  • Vivien Lewit, Director Content Partnerships Music, YouTube
  • Kerri Mason, GM, and Contributor, Billboard
  • Bill Freimuth, VP of Awards, Grammys
  • James Barton, President, Live Nation Electronic Music

To learn more about EDMbiz, click here.