Mobile’s Growth Is Doing The “ChaCha”

Award-winning ChaCha has earned the distinction as the fastest growing mobile search service by capturing 7% of the mobile text search market with a quarterly growth rate of more than 800%.

In case you’re wondering, ChaCha is a free mobile answers service that lets users call 1-800-2ChaCha or text questions to ChaCha on mobile phones and receive answers within minutes. ChaCha expert guides – “trained and skilled individuals” – use ChaCha’s powerful internal patent-pending search tools to “respond to any query.”

Accepting the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation, ChaCha announced that it now has more than a million users and has answered more than 27 million queries since it launched its revolutionary mobile answers service in January.

This, combined with its quarterly growth rate in Q2, makes ChaCha the fastest growing mobile search service, surpassing both Google and Yahoo in both WAP and text-based search growth rates (according to the latest data from Nielsen Mobile).

“Mobile search is growing at an incredible pace,” says Chris Quick, mobile media analyst with Nielsen Mobile.”Within the mobile SMS search category, ChaCha is the fastest growing service, increasingly competitive with other mobile search providers.We’re therefore keeping very close tabs on how ChaCha will affect the mobile market.”

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