MobileFuse Rolls Out Next Generation of ‘Mindset Targeting’

indexMobileFuse on Thursday morning announced the next generation of the company’s Mindset Targeting.

As part of the updated offering, “advertisers will now be able to take existing data sets, customer lists or audience segments and target specific Mindsets within those groups, enabling advertisers to unlock more value out of their existing assets.”

What’s more, advertisers will also now be able to utilize new creative units, specifically designed to take advantage of Mindset Targeting.

To date, when advertisers have set up campaigns with Mindset Targeting, MobileFuse has created custom Mindsets specifically for the campaign, built by looking at everything from weather, time of day and location, to purchasing patterns and other contextual information ranging from FAA flight data to voter registration lists. With the next generation of Mindset Targeting, advertisers can now combine these custom Mindsets with their own CRM data, or other pre-existing audience segments, to leverage the power of Mindset Targeting within a specialized, pre-defined group.

“Mindset Targeting has proven to be one of the most effective methods of targeting in all of advertising, and it’s incredibly powerful for brands to be able to reach their specific audience at their most receptive moments, rather than blanket targeting a data set throughout the day,” said Ken Harlan, CEO of MobileFuse. “While we’ve seen great success to date, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve the product, and giving advertisers the ability to use Mindset Targeting on their pre-existing audience segments is a natural next step.”