Mobile=Continuing Education For Marketers

Minutes after reading Michael’s post on a business course teaching marketers how to reach South African cell phone users, I saw an article about Nokia doing the same thing on a global scale.

According to ClickZ, Nokia has started something called the Nokia Ad Lab initiative to help advertisers and agencies learn all they need to know about mobile marketing, including training on how to create and launch mobile campaigns. “We’ve had a lot of brands coming to us saying they want to get involved in mobile, saying they don’t know where to start,” said Hugh Mark, marketing communications manager at Nokia.

True, even seasoned marketers might worry about how best to use a medium that, at least in the United States, is fairly new among consumers and businesses alike. The technical details, not to mention legal implications, can be daunting–especially to companies that prefer to stick to the “tried and true” rather than lead the cutting edge.

But it’s easier than ever to learn about the basics of mobile. In addition to the continuing education offered by Nokia and in South Africa, I’d like to point out that numerous references are available online: These include the Mobile Marketing Association’s website; this SMS white paper; and Mobile Marketing Watch’s own Resource Guides page.

Marketers, its time to engage in a little self-continuing-education.