MobileBits Helps Build Mobile Bridges Between Local Merchants and Customers

This week, MobileBits rolled out what’s being promoted as a pretty nifty end-to-end direct mobile marketing and loyalty platform that will engage and connect to new customers across many touch-points for merchants, brands and retailers.

If you’re not familiar with MobileBits Corporation, there’s a good chance you soon will be. The provider of enterprise-class social and digital experience solutions is quickly becoming one of the most successful firms in the space today.

That stature is poised to grow further with the expansion of SAMY, which is what the company is calling the new solution mentioned above.

SAMY is a ‘Mobile Mall’ that enables any merchant, retailer or brand to connect with large numbers of mobile consumers.

The solution provides business a complete set of tools to connect with, create and manage mobile campaigns, deals, offers, loyalty and rewards to a subscribed mobile consumer in real-time. SAMY offers any merchant its own mobile storefront and cloud based, back end controls to manage valuable touch-points to connect instantaneously with customers.

To learn more or explore if SAMY is right for you, click here.