Mobile WiFi Usage Exploding, Says Bango

Mobile WiFi connections now account for roughly half of all mobile Internet connections, according to the findings from a new study by Bango, the mobile analytics and payment firm.

“Our latest data shows that, where available, WiFi is quickly becoming the mainstream method of connection to the internet,” says Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango. “For the successful monetization of mobile content, providers need to ensure they are providing a consistent payment experience for these users however they connect.”

The 50% WiFi connectivity rate – determined by connection methods Bango monitors via its payment and analytics platform – bests the 23% Wifi connectivity rate documented only one year ago.

Dramatically aiding the boom in WiFi connectivity is the comparable boom in smartphone and tablet usage.

Bango, famous for cultivating mobile billing technology that identifies users and automatically offers them the best payment method to generate the highest payment success rate, measured different connection methods over the months of December 2010 and January 2011 using its mobile analytics technology. This month-by-month analysis showed a sharp increase in the number of people connecting via Wi-Fi in January, which coincides with increased smartphone sales over the Holiday period.

“Popular content – including music, movies, books and news – is becoming more digital by the day and increasingly consumed on mobile devices,” Anderson noted in a statement summarizing the Bango’s latest findings.