Mobile Web Users Increasingly Comfortable with Mobile Ads

No one is saying that mobile ads have found their sweet spot with consumers yet, but they have at least achieved a new level of tolerance.

According to the latest research from InMobi, approximately 6 in 10 consumers are now as “comfortable” with mobile advertising as they are with advertising in other mediums.

Despite a recent wave of concerns regarding the so-called “fat finger” issue, which contends that a majority of mobile ads are clicked on accidentally, InMobi finds that only 15% of mobile web users click on mobile ads unintentionally.

Impressively, mobile ads have influenced 46% of survey respondents to actually purchase something on their mobile devices.

“Mobile devices now permeate every aspect of modern life,” explains Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi. “The study reveals that mobile users are always-on, whether surfing the mobile web while spending time with family (48 percent), at a social event (45 percent), commuting (60 percent) and shopping (43 percent). This creates a huge opportunity for brands and marketers to engage with consumers throughout the day unlike traditional advertising like print and TV.”

InMobi reports that the average mobile web user consumes 7.0 hours of media daily. Mobile devices represent 26% of this time… and growing.

To coincide with the report, InMobi published the following infographic to highlight the most interesting finds.