Researchers Say Mobile Web To Be Commonplace Next Year In Australia

The Australian IT has reported that the University of Adelaide and m.Net have performed research leading them to believe that critical mass is about to occur with the mobile web in Australia.

m.Net Directory of Research Dr. Marisa Maio Mackey is quoted as saying.

“For the first time we’re starting to see the use of mobile data (or non-voice) services has reached a critical mass. MDS will take off in the next six to 12 months”

During their research they discovered that people who accessed a web site from their phone doubled to 40% over the last year and that 80% would increase their usage if it were not for carrier pricing holding them back.

It’s an interesting article, check it out. There’s also a contradicting report from Sony and 3 Mobile that indicates entirely differing results on a similar study.

m.Net blogs here if you’re interested.