Mobile Web Quickly Becoming The Hottest Place to Search for Jobs

Forget scouring the local newspaper for job postings, individuals in the hunt for employment are turning to the mobile web at a quickening pace to find their next paycheck.

It’s a reality apparent to the people at, a company that calls itself the world’s largest network of niche career communities.

This week, the team at announced that their network of mobile applications has reached more than one-million downloads.

As the use of mobile devices continues to rise, recognizes the role that mobile recruitment strategies now play in the way employers and candidates connect with one another.

As illustrated by the growth of mobile web users searching for jobs on the go, the ability to search for jobs anytime, from anywhere in today’s market can provide job seekers a competitive edge by staying informed, quickly reacting to new job opportunities and getting in front of prospective employers before the competition.

A recent Morgan Stanley analyst report predicts that by 2014, the Internet will be more frequently searched on a mobile device than on a computer, bestowing tremendous implications for the recruitment industry.

“Mobile technology has changed the way people communicate in every aspect of their lives,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of “Professionals today are often on-the-go and prefer a discreet and faster way to receive and respond to job postings. This is evidenced not only by the significant number of application downloads, but by the exploding mobile traffic we’re experiencing at, with a 183 percent increase over the past year in mobile traffic coming to our site. Job search apps are proving to be a key component in a recruitment strategy as an effective method to bring together employers and candidates.”