Mobile Web OS Share: iPhone 60% And Dropping, Android 20% And Rising

Quantcast has released data pertaining to mobile Web consumption by OS share, detailing the iPhone’s continued dominance and Android’s ever-growing momentum.

Android’s share of mobile Web consumption in North America has gone from a measly 5% to 20% from January ’09 to May 2010, while the iPhone OS has dropped from about 75% to 59%.  The BlackBerry OS accounts for 10.4%, and all others combined account for roughly 11%.

Android’s rise undoubtedly was affected by the sheer number of devices that have hit the market in a relatively short period of time, now totaling around 60.  Still, given that the iPhone is one single device and still demands such large mobile Web consumption share is quite impressive to say the least.  Just how long it can retain its crown, however, is up for debate.

Android has shown the most growth out of all smartphone OSs through the first five months of 2010, with its share of mobile Web traffic increasing by 12.2%, while the iPhone’s has dropped by 8.1%, BlackBerry dropped by 1.2% and all others dropping by 2.9%.

Though these numbers may come as no surprise, they will become a center piece in the growing war between Google and Apple in the mobile-ad space.  Mobile Web consumption and overall use will determine where advertisers want to be seen the most.