Mobile Web Browsing Dominated by Apple’s iOS

2011 was a good year for Apple’s mobile operating system.

According to the most recent data made available, last year ended with iOS having secured a 52% market share of mobile web browsing.

Net Market Share reported Monday that Android – Google’s popular mobile operating system – significantly trails iOS with regard to leading mobile devices used to browse the mobile web.

As of December 2011, Android only controls a 16.2 percent market share of mobile web browsing. In second place behind Apple is Java ME with a 21.3 percent market share.

iOS reached a zenith in its market share during October 2011 with 61.5 percent. But despite having lost some ground in recent months, Apple still managed to close out 2011 well off the company’s 2011 market share low of 46.6 percent last February.

To read the full report from NetMarketShare, click here.