Mobile Visual Search From Kooaba, Now For iPhone

Image-recognition is gaining traction in mobile. Beyond QR codes and other input methods, mobile visual search using image-recognition seems to be the easiest to use and the most logical solution for wide-spread adoption.

Among companies that offer such services such as MoBot, SnapTell, and SnapNow, there’s a company that’s been in it from the beginning called Kooaba that offers both an SMS/MMS-based solution as well as a client-based solution that’s recently been introduced for the iPhone as well.

Kooaba’s flagship product, known as the “Kooaba Engine” is a movie-poster database accessible via mobile visual search and their mobile device client. User’s can use the client to snap a photo of any movie-related poster or advertisement they come across, and the client will automatically return a menu related to that movie with options like trailer-viewing, ticket purchases, synopsis information, etc.

In addition to Kooaba Engine, they also offer their image-recognition technology to publishers and advertisers to use for hyper-linking print media to mobile content. Advertisers and developers can make use of the Kooaba API to integrate image-recognition into any campaign or solution they have in mind. In one recent test-campaign deployed in Switzerland, Kooaba enhanced print ads with their technology in the form of a contest-type promotion. Users could snap a photo of the prize they would most like to win, and sending it to a shortcode submitted their participation. It was a great way to collect opt-in users, and to get consumers interacting with the ads in a new way. According to Kooaba, it was one of the most successful MMS campaigns ever to hit Switzerland.

Their new iPhone client looks pretty smooth, there’s a video available that showcases it in action…check it out here.