Mobile Video Growth Impacting Big Business

The rapid growth of mobile video is impacting big business in a big way.

From expanding consumer access to popular entertainment content, to providing advertisers with a highly engaging new mechanism for promoting products, to say that mobile video is hot would be a massive understatement.

But is mobile video becoming so big that box office receipts will be negatively impacted?

People will always want to watch movies in theaters despite the growing trend of watching videos at home and on mobile devices, Reuters reported Thursday, citing the head of giant movie system maker Imax.
“People are social animals and I don’t think they want to be chained to their couches, mobile devices and tablets. They want to go out,” says Richard Gelfond, chief executive of Imax.

“They recognize the fact that (filmmakers) Steven Spielberg and James Cameron may be better at telling a story than a 16 year old over the Internet. I think they can exist side by side,” he added.

In particular, the executive says, special effects-driven movies “cannot be adequately captured” on a mobile device… “You need to go to a theater to appreciate them. If you are going to leave home you want a dramatically different experience than in the home.”

Do you agree?