Mobile Video Consumption Still Dominated by iOS

According to a new report from Ooyala, a web video provider, two thirds of mobile-based traffic on its network comes from Apple’s iPhone.

Android devices, on the other hand, only account for approximately one third.

These details emerge as the facts confirm 2012 was a banner year for tablet and mobile video video – a practice that doubled in 2012.

Among the key findings presented in the “Global Video Index: 2012 Year in Review” report are:

  • Viewers watched live video 18 times longer on desktops, five times longer on tablets and four times longer on mobile than video-on-demand content in Q4
  • Branded video views surged 91 percent from the start of the quarter to their peak in mid-December
  • Hours spent watching streaming video on tablets and mobile increased 100 percent in 2012
  • iPhone users watched twice as much video on their phones than Android users did in 2012
  • Approximately one third of total time spent watching tablet video last quarter was with premium, long-form content running more than 60 minutes

“Streaming video has crossed an inflection point and it’s now a necessary channel for both consumers as well as broadcasters, brands and media companies around the world,” says Jay Fulcher, CEO of Ooyala. “The data we provide in this report, and direct to our customers, is critical to understanding how consumers are engaging with video online. These insights help our customers deliver more engaging, personalized video experiences, and as a result, make more money from online video.”