Mobile Video Achieves 94% Viewer Retention, 79% Higher CTR Using Video As Call-To-Action

New data out from Rhythm New Media suggests mobile video ads can achieve 94% viewer retention in the first 10 seconds, compared to 81% Online.

As part of its “Q3 2010 Mobile Video Ad Report,” Rhythm covers some interesting statistics in regards to how video is used in mobile advertising and how it relates to user-engagement.  For instance, the data shows completion rates for interactive pre-roll video ads remain high at 87%, exceeding online video and even television.  In terms of response, CTRs are 79% higher on display ads that mention “video” as a call to action vs. other similar ads, the report suggests, and iPad CTRs for pre-roll video ads are 2x or higher vs. iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

While we saw similar data points from a similar mobile video report issued this morning by Mogreet, Rhythm says it operates the largest mobile video ad network in the US — serving over 425 million average monthlycontent views for Q3 alone.  The company says it’s the “only provider of in-stream pre-roll video ads that are interactive, with significant scale.”

The report itself includes numerous graphs, data-points and comparisons for all things mobile video, and can be downloaded here.