Mobile Users Score with DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket?

DirecTV will soon serve up its hugely popular NFL Sunday Ticket package to desktop and mobile users who – believe it or not – don’t subscribe to the service.

What’s the catch?

You must first turn over all the “evidence” required to prove that you can’t otherwise receive DirecTV at home.

Whether the reason is due to your location, living/renting arrangements, or other technical limitations, would-be DirecTV customers can “can sign up for a broadband-only version of Sunday Ticket–provided they first persuade DirecTV that they can’t get DirecTV.”

According to the Washington Post:

“Broadband-only access to Sunday Ticket–which lets subscribers watch every Sunday-afternoon game, excluding those aired by their local CBS or Fox stations and those subject to local blackouts when games don’t sell out–will cost $350. That’s $50 more than the fee to add Sunday Ticket to a compatible DirecTV package (before any promotions), and the same as the combined price of Sunday Ticket and a ‘To-Go’ option for computer and smartphone viewing.”

As more mobile users than ever turn to their portable devices to absorb their lion-share of entertainment, news, and sports content, DirecTV’s clever desktop/mobile approach will likely open up an entire new world of DirecTV customers… who aren’t really DirecTV customers.