Mobile Undos Delays…Sort Of.

One of the coolest attributes of mobile technology is the added convenience it gives to our lives, whether we realize it or not.

Leaving the city of Chicago today for home via train (a regular weekday commute), I was informed that the rail company had opened what a station poster boasted to be the “Mobile Choo-Choo Alert.”

Although the train schedules are well known to all who patronize the service, there is no shortage of delays that, until now, are only discovered upon arriving at the station.

I am happy to announce to my friends here at Mobile Marketing Watch that my days of wasting hours at the train station due to arriving oblivious to delays are over.

Thankfully, the people of Chicago who travel home to northwest Indiana will now be able to stay abreast of train schedule mishaps and altered departures. Those who sign up for the free service will input their regularly scheduled train number and departure time. As soon as a delay is detected, a text message will be sent to the passenger at no additional charge (standard text rates apply.)

This alert style program is certainly not new to the transportation industry (airlines have been among the most eager to utilize this technology), but watching it trickle down to consumers through the railways is an inspiring realization and a blessing that’s easy to take for granted.

If you keep an open eye trained on the rapid expansion of mobile programs and technology in public transportation, you will gain invaluable insight into just how quickly the power of mobile is influencing the lives of millions.