Mobile Technology Impacting African Agriculture

Mobile technologies have permeated almost every industry and aspect of life. Nowhere is this reality more transparent than in Africa today, where mobile technologies are rapidly taking hold in the agricultural sector.

According to a new report Monday from AllAfrica, farmers across Africa are beginning to use mobile phones to access up-to-date market information “to help them fetch premium prices.”

Industry, Trade and Marketing Deputy Permanent Secretary Dr Shaban Mwinjaka said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend that farmers have bight future through improved returns on agricultural activities.

“The program will significantly impact on agricultural productivity, increase household incomes and improve the livelihoods of the communities,” he said. “The mobile technology will increase farmers’ bargaining power in both the local and foreign markets in the neighboring countries–Kenya, Uganda and Zambia-that have expressed interests to adopt the program.”

Apart from linking farmers to potential markets through short messages, the report says, the project will also provide information on weather patterns and availability of inputs.

To check out the full report from AllAfrica, click here.