Mobile Technology Changing The Face Of Business

Mobile Technology Changing The Face Of BusinessDuring the recent CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit, the topic of how mobile devices, such as smartphone and notebooks, are changing the way consumers interact with businesses—and in turn change the face of business, particularly through the deployment of mobile payments systems.

When the mobile boom began, many business owners (both large and small) ran out and invested in a responsive website, and mobile apps. The problem is, that many business owners did not know what to ask for from a technical standpoint—and took the wrong approach to the mobile world.

With 86% of mobile users multitasking and utilizing their devices while on other media—and spending 40 or more minutes per day on mobile devices, business owners can’t ignore the role mobile plays in business. The biggest area of opportunity discussed at the summit, is that mobile must not be thought of as a “separate” channel—but a as a link between the online and offline world.

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