Mobile Tech, Digital Giants Ready for SuperBowl 50

Mobile Tech, Digital Giants Ready for SuperBowl 50On the heels of the NFL’s decision to ditch roman numerals in the numbering of SuperBowls beginning with the milestone SuperBowl 50, news has surfaced that some of the biggest names in mobile technology and the digital business world are investing millions in the looming arrival of the year’s biggest sporting event to the West Coast.

Although SuperBowl 50 won’t be played until February 2016, plans are currently underway to make the extravaganza as exciting and profitable for the host community as possible. In this case, SuperBowl 50 is a welcome attraction to California.

Apple, Google, Yahoo, and others are investing heavily in the local preparations needed for SuperBowl 50. To date, Apple alone has already pledged $2 million toward helping the Bay Area in anticipation of the event.

“The Bay Area Super Bowl Host Committee on Thursday announced it had raised $40 million — up from $30 million a year ago — to offset all the taxpayer costs of hosting the nation’s biggest sporting event,” Mercury News reports.

SuperBowl 50 will be played at Levi’s Stadium, which will soon open in Santa Clara, California and be the new home to the San Francisco 49ers.