Mobile Tech Coming Soon to a Shopping Cart Near You?

Mobile Tech Coming Soon to a Shopping Cart Near YouSpeculation is looming in Sacramento, California today that legislators are preparing to support a new bill that, if passed into law, will afford significant tax incentives to businesses that make their shopping carts capable of mounting a smartphone or tablet.

For marketers plugged into everything from geolocation ad targeting to beacon technology, smartphone mounts on shopping carts present a host of valuable opportunities. We’re told, however, that the inspiration for this effort has very little if anything to do with marketing.

In fact, it’s all about child safety.

With child-related shopping cart accidents on the rise across the United States, California lawmakers are apparently try to find a way to keep kids safe in shopping carts and occupied sufficiently to prevent their attempted escape, which is when most accidents occur.

An eye-opening infographic from the personal injury attorneys at Adams Davis P.C., one of the most well-respected and accomplished firms in Utah, illustrates just how commonplace shopping cart accidents are and how parents and caretakers can take more responsible steps to prevent injury.

According to the data presented, approximately 66 children per day are injured in shopping cart accidents across the United States. Many of these injuries involve severe head trauma.

To learn more, check out the visual shared below.

Adams Davis P.C.