Mobile Takes the PSA Route

Following the large influx of businesses seeking to harness the power of mobile marketing, countless non-profit organizations and other public outreach institutions are lining up for their crack at communicating a message to the masses via the mobile channel.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America today announced the its first mobile public service campaign in collaboration with Ringleader Digital and Contagious.

The goal?

To expand the reach of educational messages about the risks of drugs and alcohol.

If you’re wondering how it all works, the campaign will tap into banner advertisements on targeted mobile Web sites that drive to mobile WAP sites where parents can sign up to “access tips, tools and advice from the Partnership’s Time To Talk program.” Parents can also opt in to receive their first “talk tip” via text message.

Meanwhile, teens are introduced to “Check Yourself,” a site designed to “help teens examine their relationship with drugs and alcohol, and will have the option to text a friend to share the site.”

It’s apparent that the mobile venue will create newer, more effective opportunities to reach teens and parents with this important health information. For more info, you can check out