Mobile Still Tops Retailers’ Priority Lists

Mobile Still Tops Retailers’ Priority, a division of the National Retail Federation, is out with a new report indicating that mobile isn’t budging as a top priority for retailers.

“As more consumers take to smartphones and tablets to shop with their favorite retail brands, retailers agree that keeping mobile at the top of their marketing priority lists is a smart move.”

That’s the opening argument in a report summary of the 2015 Research Inc. State of Retailing Online.

“Mobile remains the top priority for retailers in 2015, with 58 percent of surveyed retailers placing it at the top of their list, up from 53 percent last year,” the survey summary reads.

The survey found smartphone sales as a percentage of online sales grew from 8 percent in 2013 to 12 percent in 2014, an increase of 50 percent; tablets’ share of the pie also grew from 13 percent of online sales in 2013 to 16 percent in 2014.

Additionally, many of those who list mobile as the top priority have stated their digital marketing budgets “remain modest, knowing consumers are coming to their mobile sites whether they are ready for them or not.”

“Consumers are flocking to retailers’ mobile sites at a faster pace and with more interaction than ever before, so naturally they expect retailers to offer fast, well-designed mobile services that meet their needs,” said NRF Senior Vice President and Executive Director Vicki Cantrell. “With that in mind and with several years of mobile commerce now under the industry’s belt, retailers feel confident in their mobile investments. For retailers – when it comes to mobile strategies, small but continuous incremental changes really do go a long way to keep their savvy customers happy.”