Mobile Security News: iOS Security Features Revealed

Mobile tech giant Apple – without fanfare or much attention of any variety – has just stealthily published a highly comprehensive security guide pertaining to iOS, the company’s popular mobile operating system that powers the likes of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Despite being well known for its penchant for secrecy, Apple is clearly striving to pacify the concerns of some by revealing just how much attention is given to mobile security when Apple products and software are developed.

“For organizations considering the security of iOS devices, it is helpful to understand how the built-in security features work together to provide a secure mobile computing platform,” the guide reads, adding that businesses should “review their IT and security policies to ensure they are taking full advantage of the layers of security technology and features offered by the iOS platform.”

Apple says that all layers of its security measures provide “solid protection” from a broad assortment of viruses and malware.

To ensure that all apps come from a known and approved source and have not been tampered with, iOS requires that all executable code be signed using an Apple-issued certificate. Apps provided with the device, like Mail and Safari, are signed by Apple. Third-party apps must also be validated and signed using an Apple-issued certificate. Mandatory code signing extends the concept of chain of trust from the OS to apps, and prevents third-party apps from loading unsigned code resources or using self modifying code.

“Apple is committed to incorporating proven encryption methods and creating modern mobile-centric privacy and security technologies, to ensure that iOS devices can be used with confidence in any personal or corporate environment,” Apple says.