Mobile Security Becoming a Crisis in Great Britain

Taking the good with the bad has become the new reality of modern smartphone ownership. As mobile devices and their related features become more pertinent to our daily lives, the amount of sensitive information contained on our mobile devices grows with each passing year. As a result, the need for more stringent mobile security measures is apparent – especially across the pond.

According to published reports Tuesday, London’s Metropolitan Police say a rash of smartphone thefts should be reason for concern. Last month alone, nearly 10,000 mobile devices were swiped. Almost half of these devices were Apple iPhones.

Thieves trying to capture your smartphone are almost certainly looking for more than just the hardware. They’re also looking for personal information contained within the devices that could be used for everything from credit card fraud to identity theft.

With European mobile crimes growing at an alarming rate, police are warning those planning to attend Mobile World Congress 2013 in Spain next month to be exceptionally cautious in concealing their devices and protecting them from sticky fingers, which – evidently – are everywhere, including in the US.

More than 100 smartphones are stolen or lost every minute in the U.S. today. Protect Your Bubble – a gadget insurance company – recently published an infographic highlighting the cities where smartphone theft is most likely to take place. Check out the infographic below to see if you’re located in or near a hotspot for this unfortunate activity.