Mobile Rumor Mill Teases Fall Launch for Amazon Tablet

Talk of the still formally un-confirmed and otherwise mythical Amazon tablet PC is heating up once again this morning

Despite no official confirmation by the powers-that-be at Amazon, there remains little doubt among industry analysts that an Amazon tablet is coming, likely as early as this fall.

On Wednesday morning, DigiTimes reported that Taiwanese Integrated Circuit will see their sales spike substantially during the third quarter of 2011 – an estimate that comes in lockstep with the anticipated launch window for the Amazon tablets, of which there will reportedly be 7- and 10-inch models.

“With Amazon targeting to ship four million tablet PCs in 2011, IC orders from Amazon have become the second largest order from the tablet PC sector, trailing only the iPad, the sources indicated,” DigiTimes reported.

But can the Amazon tablet truly compete with the big dog on the tablet block – Apple’s iPad?

For now, few details about the rumored product are known, particularly its price tag. In order to compete, a lower-end price for a higher-end tablet could definitely make a dent in the iPad’s dominance, although no is about to predict the demise of the iPad under any circumstances.