Mobile Resources Increasingly Critical to Small Business Management

Mobile Reources Increasingly Critical to Small Business ManagementIt is becoming nearly impossible to efficiently run a small business of any variety without some degree of assistance from mobile technology and related services. But according to the findings of a recent customer survey, it seems business owners are well-aware of this reality.

66 percent of small business owners now use a mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

82 percent use a calendar/time management app, while another 74 percent use a customer communications app.

Not surprisingly, 44 percent also use an accounting or invoicing app to make their businesses run more smoothly. In fact, nearly half of all small business owners use an app for industry news or related information consumption.

As we’ve already seen through a host of similar reports, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have basically become the new point-of-sale (POS) solution of choice for small businesses.

71% of small businesses using mobile technology now accept mobile payments and 52 percent utilize a mobile/tablet-based point-of-sale system.

“In busy shops and department stores, speed and efficiency of service are integral to customer satisfaction,” says the team at PayAnywhere, a leading provider of mobile payment solutions. According to the company, mobile payments allow merchants to speed up lines and process sales with far greater speed, which can maximize business during the busiest hours of the day.

“The ability to accept payments in digital form not only courts a broader range of customers; it also induces people into spending more than they otherwise would if limited only to cash,” PayAnywhere says on its official blog.