Mobile + Pizza = Success

Little Caesars announcement this week of a 62 percent opt in rate for their mobile sweepstakes campaign is further proof that pizza works well with mobile. After all Papa Johns Pizza recently reached the $1 million sales mark from their mobile website in just four months. DiGiorno has even created a text campaign that helps people get out of a bad date to go home and eat pizza. Dominos and Pizza Hut also successfully offer mobile access to their pies.

It seems that pizza and mobile combine to make a big success.

Or could it be customer convenience and mobile combine to make a big success?

The common thread to all of these mobile success stories is that mobile is making consumers lives easier and more fun. And when it does there is a big payoff for the business. The bottom line in mobile marketing success is providing VALUE to the consumer.

Once you’ve got the value proposition the next step is marketing it well so people know about it. Don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching closely during the Super Bowl to see if the mobile + pizza combination will get even more successful.