Mobile Payments Make the Cut for Hairdressers

You can add the title of hairdresser to the rapidly expanding list of professionals adopting mobile payments technology at a fast clip – pun intended.

This reality was recently explored in-depth on the PayAnywhere blog.

“The hair-care profession consists of various different working arrangements,” reads the post from PayAnywhere, a leading provider of mobile payments solutions. “Some stylists are employed by boutiques while others rent out chairs and work independently at such establishments. There are also many hairstylists that freelance, some of whom work from their living rooms and others that travel to the homes of clients.”

Regardless of the operation base, it’s crucial to have an efficient means for taking payments, the company advises. “A mobile credit card reader can make things easier for stylists.”

To learn more about the ways in which mobile payments are a cut above the rest for hairdressers – another pun intended – click here.