Mobile Payments Helping Mobile Pet Care Businesses Boom

Mobile Payments Helping Mobile Pet Care Businesses BoomRhonda Sherman of Chicago, Illinois now owns three mobile pet care trailers that circumvent the Land of Lincoln tending to the grooming needs of our furriest of family members.

Although Rhonda’s business is booming, it’s doing so despite increasing competition in the mobile pet grooming industry – growth made possible by mobile payments solutions.

With market leading mobile payments solutions from the likes of Square and PayAnywhere driving small businesses to new heights outside of the realm of bricks-and-mortar, America’s entrepreneurs have never had a better opportunity to get paid on the go.

In particular, says the team at PayAnywhere, “the pet care industry is going mobile to meet patients and clients where it’s most convenient for them.”

“Customers like the convenience of mobile business that can come to them,” Sherman says. “When I got started, I couldn’t afford a storefront. I was a cash-taker that would drive to consumers and had to turn away business at times because I couldn’t accept credit card payments. I’m glad those days are over.”

From food delivery services and dry cleaners, to local catering outfits and now pet grooming specialists, the number of businesses that can’t benefit from a mobile payments solution are now few and far in-between.