Mobile Payments Giant Offers Website Guidance for Small Biz

Mobile Payments Giant Offers Website Guidance for Small BizMy, how deceptive the digital age can be.

On the surface, developing and maintaining a website seems like a simple task. But cultivating an online platform into an effective marketing, sales, and customer service machine is anything but effortless.

On Wednesday, the team at mobile payments company PayAnywhere published a vitally important list of eight common and critical small business website mistakes you don’t want to make.

“It’s impossible to overstate the importance of having an effective website as a small business owner,” the company says on its blog, prior to introducing the tips as gleaned from a recent report from

  1. No Clear Objectives for Your Business Website
  2. No Strategies For Reaching Your Business Objectives
  3. No Tactics to Achieve Your Business Objectives
  4. No Targeted Metrics to Measure Your Progress
  5. No Integrated Marketing Plan
  6. No Focus on the Value of Your Offer
  7. No Action Plan for Your Visitors
  8. No Balance Between Design & Marketing Message

For more helpful mobile and digital marketing and business planning tips, check out the PayAnywhere blog here.