Mobile Payments Giant Beefs Up Mobile Security

Mobile payments giant beefs up mobile securityWith the holiday shopping season ahead and millions of consumers and merchants poised to use mobile for business, concerns about mobile security are escalating with each passing day.

Well, it seems there’s some help on the way.

Mobile payments solutions provider PayAnywhere says it has “taken steps” to make its platform the most secure mobile payments offering on the market.

“PayAnywhere merchants can select a PIN entry option that allows them to choose their preferred level of security or disable the security options all together,” the company says. “For those familiar with the password lock option on Apple devices, PayAnywhere offers a similar PIN timeout capability that allows merchants to set the amount of time needed for their devices to remain inactive before their PIN must be re-entered.”

The PIN lock system helps merchants feel safe, secure and in control when conducting transactions from their iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry devices. The PayAnywhere App, with its end-to-end encryption, provides the security assurance merchants want so they can stay focused on their business.

Similarly, the company adds, for merchants looking to stay on top of their recent transaction reports, PayAnywhere has introduced an even more detailed reporting feature.

“Merchants using the PayAnywhere app can head to the Reports tab and tap on the orange arrow located on the screen,” a recent blog post from PayAnywhere reads. “From there, a summary of all transactions from a specific day, week, month or year will drop down for the merchant’s viewing pleasure. Having the ability to view detailed summary listings for a time period of the merchant’s choosing helps them stay organized and prevent any mistakes.”

To learn more about PayAnywhere and their growing mobile security prowess, click here.