Mobile Payments for Food Shopping in Demand

Grocery shopping and mobile payments may one day go together like peanut butter and jelly. How do we know? According to the latest industry data, when it’s time to buy peanut butter and jelly at the grocery store, consumers want to do so through a mobile payment option at the point of sale.

Symphony EYC has just published the findings of a new survey that presents a compelling case for consumer demand for mobile payment options and related personalization services everywhere from restaurants to grocery stores.

“While American and European grocery shoppers differ in how they are interacting with their grocers, the majority would like to enhance their in-store shopping experience with mobile services,” says Ellen Dixon, global SVP of marketing for Symphony EYC. “In particular, shoppers want to be able to use their mobile devices to locate specific products within the store, to compare prices with those elsewhere and to provide feedback and suggestions on grocery assortments.”

Although “very few shoppers are actually using their mobiles to buy groceries,” the desire to do so is there. And as more national and local grocery stores offer these services, consumers will be ready to embrace their arrival.

Ballooning consumer demand for mobile payment alternatives has been convincingly illustrated in the last twelve months by the rampant growth of leading mobile payment providers.

Recognized as one of the best services for food industry professionals, restauranteurs, and retailers, PayAnywhere says its services are helping thousands of businesses maximize their earnings potential. And consumers like the added security and convenience that comes with trusted mobile payments services.

To learn more about the flourishing appetite for mobile payments among consumers, visit Symphony EYC online here.