Mobile Payments at the Forefront of Users’ Minds

Mobile Payments at the Forefront of Users’ MindsIf you were to stop someone on the street and ask them what aspect of mobile technology they were most interested in or thinking about, about a third of them would say mobile payments.

New data published by BizReport indicates that mobile payments are now at the forefront of mobile users’ minds.

With recent mobile pay technology released from Apple and the recent iCloud hacking, a huge portion of the populous is thinking seriously about how their devices can be used to make payments and whether or not it is safe to do so.

The founder of Lab42, Jonathan Pirc, says mobile payments “have been around for years, but many consumers are not yet familiar with them. With the launch of Apple Pay, we see that conversation opening up in a way we haven’t seen before.”

A recent study shows that almost half of all people who do not own iPhones would make the switch, just to be able to use Apple Pay. Why? Because despite the recent breach, most people still believe that the payments are secure and that they simplify the purchasing process.

Impressively, nearly one-third of those polled would even be willing to switch banks for access to secure mobile payment features.