Mobile Payments Are Getting a Good Workout

Mobile payments are getting an amazing workout these days, thanks to the growing trend of personal trainers and other fitness  professionals who are turning to mobile payments as their new preferred way to get paid.

For personal trainers, being constantly on the move isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s also an essential business practice, says the team at PayAnywhere, a leading providing of mobile payment solutions.

Clients are everywhere and personal fitness experts, often self-employed entrepreneurs, sometimes traveling to several different locations each day to accommodate their clients’ schedules.

But these ever-changing schedules can also be accompanied by uncertainty regarding payment, the company says, acknowledging the issues many trainers have with collecting their loot.

PayAnywhere says its solution is ideal for personal trainers who can now effortlessly accept credit and debit card payments as they move from client to client, using the smartphone or tablet they already have.

“Time is one of a trainers’ most valuable resources and a training session cannot be undone if a client only has a credit card and the trainer has no way to process credit card payments,” the company asserts on its official blog. “However, with PayAnywhere this problem can be easily avoided. All it takes is the free PayAnywhere card reader and the free PayAnywhere app, available for download in the App Store, Google Play, and BlackBerry App World.”

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