Mobile Payment System Can Be Foundation of Makeup Sales Success

Mobile Payment System Can Be Foundation of Makeup Sales SuccessMost women enjoy — and buy a lot of — makeup and beauty products.

Companies like Avon and Mary Kay earned their stripes capitalizing on women’s desire for quality makeup, fragrances, and other beauty aids — and making it even more convenient for women to shop by bringing beauty products directly to them.

When beauty product consultants meet women in person, at parties, or online — away from the stressful environment of malls or traditional beauty shops — women are able to peruse and purchase products in more comfortable environments.

Now they can do more than peruse and purchase — they can also pay comfortably and quickly. PayAnywhere‘s mobile point of sale solution puts a pretty face on a customer’s payment experience. It’s a win-win for both customer and consultant.

Numbering more than 15.6 million in the U.S. alone, makeup consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, from stay-at-home Moms making extra money to students making ends meet to gung-ho consultants making a million in the beauty business. Equipped with PayAnywhere, a mobile and storefront payment service, a consultant can conduct debit and credit card transactions with the flick of a wrist and a quick customer signature.

PayAnywhere’s services include a customized online portal with real-time transaction reporting, professional receipts and other business intelligence designed to help consultants maximize their business potential.

With a low transaction fee of 2.69% per swiped transaction and 3.49% + $0.19 per keyed transaction, makeup consultants don’t worry about high fees, lengthy contracts, or extra charges. PayAnywhere delivers a safe, secure, convenient, and affordable full-service mobile credit card processing solution for every business.

Opening an account and downloading the PayAnywhere app are remarkably easy. Then, the free card reader can be plugged into the audio jack of a multitude of different devices; the app and reader are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, the Android smartphone and tablet, and BlackBerry smartphone.

PayAnywhere makes payment time as quick as putting on a little lipstick — and that’s a beautiful thing.