Mobile-Only Viewership is the Future of Email Marketing

Mobile-Only Viewership is the Future of Email MarketingAccording to the latest industry data cited in a new report from eMarketer this week, the importance of shifting to a mobile-first mentality when designing and implementing email marketing campaigns has never been more urgent.

Remarkably, mobile email’s share of all opens grew by 5% just in the last quarter. 55% of all email is now opened on mobile devices.

“Mobile-only viewers were the main source of growth, jumping 64% during H2 2013,” eMarketer reports. “Hybrid viewership—checking emails on both desktops and mobile devices—declined by nearly 40% quarter over quarter and 72% since Q2 2013.”

It goes without saying that the mammoth growth of smartphone adoption across nations and continents is expediting the mobile email boom.

“As mobile-only viewership becomes the norm, marketers are recognizing the need to optimize emails for mobile,” eMarketer adds, while stopping short to recognize that many are still missing the golden opportunity to go mobile.

In fact, a study published earlier this month by Ascend2 found that a scant 28% of global marketers are going the extra mile to ensure that their email campaigns are optimized for mobile screens.