Mobile, Online Video Stats That Boggle The Mind

We all know that mobile video is a huge force to be reckoned with across all media today, but a new list of mind-boggling stats compiled by AdAge puts the power of modern mobile and online video into perspective.

“Online audiences chose to watch video ads at a rate of more than 150 per second in 2012,” says AdAge writer Matt Fiorentino. “With billions of video views at stake for brands, and with industry domination going to the most innovative players, the competition for these views is the fiercest it’s ever been.”

The publication put forward a list of ten video stats that, without question, could “change the way you think about, plan for, and invest in online video for 2013 and beyond.”

Among the most surprising stats? As it turns out, audiences chose to watch ads 4.6 billion times in 2012. That comes to about 13.2 million times every day.

To check out the full and completely fascinating list, click here.