Mobile, Online Advertising Spend in Europe is Growing Faster in Some Markets Than Others

digital advertisingIHS Inc., in collaboration with IAB Europe, has just announced findings from its annual European online advertising report, AdEx Benchmark.

“The top three markets still account for the lion’s share of the European online advertising market,” said Eleni Marouli, principal analyst at IHS Technology. “But what is notable is the gap between the UK, Germany and France.”

According to the official report announcement, the UK spent more than double on online advertising in comparison to Germany and almost triple the spend in France during 2015. “The UK spent an impressive €11.8 billion in 2015,” Marouli said. “It is clearly the first stop for advertisers in the region and shows no signs of slowing down.”

The top 10 list of markets are as follows.

Top 10 Rankings

1. UK – €11.8bn
2. Germany – €5.8bn
3. France – €4.2bn
4. Italy – €2.1bn
5. Netherlands- €1.6bn
6. Russia – €1.5bn
7. Sweden – €1.3bn
8. Spain – €1.2bn
9. Denmark – €0.8bn
10. Switzerland – €0.8bn

Top Individual Growth Markets

1. Ireland 29.0 percent growth
2. Bulgaria 22.3 percent growth
3. Poland 21.8 percent growth

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