Mobile Now Plays a Vital Role in Online and In-Store Purchases

Mobile Now Plays a Vital Role in Online and In-Store PurchasesFor companies striving to advance their marketing in the digital age, identifying the ever-changing role that mobile plays in conversions is essential.

In an effort to help retailers gauge the importance of mobile in their world, NinthDecimal recently released their Q2 “Audience Insights” report.

The report had many valuable takeaways, such as the fact that mobile now plays a critically important part in how consumers research products—both before heading out to shop and while in-store.

Additional insights include:

  • Smartphone product research is up 25% from 2013—and is likely to be even higher by the end of the year.
  • 69% of mobile retail research is performed at home, and 12% at work.
  • 45% of consumers have made an in-store purchase after viewing a mobile ad.

While exact conversion rates are still challenging to determine when it comes to mobile advertising that leads to an online, mobile, or in-store purchase, the report found that products researched under $50 were typically researched within 10 days of purchase. Products over $1,000 were typically reached within 45 days of purchase.