Mobile, Multi-Channel Communications at The Top of CIO Agendas in 2014

Mobile, Multi-Channel Communications at The Top of CIO Agendas in 2014What will be at the top of the typical CIO’s agenda in 2014? Mobile, mobile, and more mobile.

Enterprise mobility will continue to be one of the hottest topics in IT, and high on the list of priorities for all CIOs, according to Ovum’s new Enterprise Mobility 2014 Trends-to-Watch report.

Consumerization (i.e. the impact of technology designed first and foremost for consumers) has driven the enterprise mobility market over the last few years, and Ovum has identified the three major trends in mobile consumerization that will have the biggest impact on businesses in 2014.

Cited among enterprise mobility trends to watch next year, Ovum suggests that businesses will need to provide a strong multi-screen, multi-channel experience for customers and employees, as mobile devices increasingly become the first point of contact between a business and its customers (B2C), suppliers (B2B), and employees.

“Organizations will need to provide a slick user experience (UX) for every aspect of the business, from marketing, advertising, promotion, and sales through to internal processes, and whether the stakeholder is using a smartphone, tablet, or PC,” a report summary from Ovum reads. “Getting this right can be a complicated task and will require a strong focus on UX, both during the app development process and in terms of providing a corporate network with the capacity to deal with all the mobile devices demanding access to it.”