Mobile Mix Report Says Mobile Ad Impressions Are On ‘Fire’

Millennial Media is out with the November Mobile Mix report and Amazon is likely gloating about it. On Tuesday, Millennial Media reported that ad impressions on the Fire grew at an average daily rate of 19 percent.

Millennial Media says it’s seeing a monthly run rate of hundreds of millions of impressions – an outstanding feat for the new Amazon tablet given the stellar competition in the tablet marketplace and not being as “sexy” as the iPad was upon its groundbreaking debut.

“The Kindle Fire’s impression growth on our platform has slightly outpaced that of the iPad when the iPad launched in early 2010,” the report reads. “Though the Kindle Fire has been introduced into a more mature tablet market than the market which greeted the original iPad, the integration of Amazon’s robust digital entertainment library and the $199 price point may also have helped drive this early use by consumers.”

The iPhone, however, did remain the top individual phone on Millennial Media’s platform, and grew 8 percent month-over-month in November.

iOS grew 7 percent month-over-month in Millennial’s breakdown of the smartphone and connected device OS share.

Meanwhile, impressions coming over a Wi-Fi network grew 11 percent month-over-month and accounted for 39 percent of total impressions. Of these Wi-Fi impressions, 62 percent came from smartphones, and 38 percent from connected devices

Samsung reclaimed the number two position in the list of top manufacturers, and had 4 of the top 20 phones on Millennial Media’s platform.

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